lone pine

Food in the Life

Food is a huge part of our everyday experiences, so I thought I would share a little bit about what it is like to eat at Dartmouth.

Performing Art Groups @Dartmouth!

Performing arts groups flourish at Dartmouth with numerous dance and a cappella groups. I have often found myself attending these performances happening throughout the term.

Sneak Peek into My Life @Dartmouth

An average day from the perspective of a freshman @Dartmouth!

Picking apples at the orchards!

Housing Community Adventures: Riverview Farm!

This Saturday I went to a Riverview Farm trip organized by the South House and North Park Housing Communities. Housing communities can be amazing ways to meet new people, create new memories, or just find fun things to do at Dartmouth!

A Fantastic First Day of Fall Term!

It's true what they say: college can be a whirlwind, and nothing exemplifies this better than my first day of Fall term.