Take Charge of Your Success

At Dartmouth, our entire suite of academic resources is designed to put you in charge of your success and help you fulfill your highest aspirations. Whether you are searching for a research project and a faculty mentor, choosing a major field of study, seeking guidance on applying for fellowships and scholarships, or working to become a more efficient and effective learner, our community is designed to support you in every facet of your Dartmouth life.

Here are a few highlights:

  • First-year and Pre-major Advising
    We assign deans and faculty advisors to guide you through the process of choosing courses even before you select a major.
  • Identifying an Academic Focus
    Seniors in the Deans Office of Student Consultants (DOSCs) are trained to provide you with academic peer advising on major selection and course-selection strategies.
  • Scholarship and Fellowship Advising
    Fellowship advisors alert you to opportunities and offer advice and feedback on your application materials for fellowships and scholarships.
  • House Communities
    Our house system supports intellectual engagement, community, and continuity beyond the classroom with residence-based activities, speakers, special events, and a 24/7 connection to your house professor.

Review the full inventory of academic resources at Dartmouth.