The Process of Determining Fit

You want to know if Dartmouth fits you. So do we. We'll do everything we can to support you in reaching a conclusion. It's good to remember that fit can be as much an emotional decision as a practical one. We find that students often decide on Dartmouth for reasons that take them by surprise.

Try Us On

The best way to determine fit is to give us a test drive. During a visit to campus, you can ask all your questions, meet students, hang out in Hanover, and-just as important-assess the intangibles. How do you feel as you walk across the Dartmouth Green? Do you like the people you meet? Can't wait to go back to that cozy nook in Baker? Attending our Dimensions events will help you to determine that thing called "fit."

Admitted Student Events

Every April, Dartmouth alumni clubs host events in various cities and towns around the country and all over the world to welcome admitted students to the Dartmouth family. You can connect with future classmates, forge connections with local alumni, and get answers to your questions about living and learning at Dartmouth.