Snow is the stuff of invention at Dartmouth

Photo of Baker Library in the winter with snow on the ground
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Winter at Dartmouth

Dartmouth students share how they push the very limits of the season with rich traditions that couldn’t happen at any other time of year—or anywhere else on the planet.

Campus in Winter

Photo of School House Community members playing Broomball as part of Winter Carnival activities

During Winter Carnival, The Green hosts a variety of events, like this friendly game of Broomball between House Community teams

Photo of students walking across the green through the snow

In winter, the experience of crossing the Green under the hush of a blanket of snow is magical

Photo of the Dartmouth Hockey Team scoring a goal

The puck (above left) in the net is just one of the exciting winter sports moments! Dartmouth is competing on the ice, the court, the slopes, and in the water all winter long. 

Winter Traditions

Campus in Winter

Photo of a class on Occom Pond

Earth Science professor Meredith Kelley helps her class extract 13,000-year-old sediments from nearby Occom Pond, a short walk from her indoor lab.

Photos of students and community walking as part of a candlellight vigil procession

In January, the campus pauses to honor Reverent Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Students and community walking as part of a candlelight vigil procession celebrating the life of Martin Luther King Jr.

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Photo of students snowshoeing on Mount Moosilauke

With a view for miles, and a fresh blanket of snow, Dartmouth students who visited Mount Moosilauke over winter break enjoyed a special hike down the mountain.