Admissions Beat, a new podcast series by Lee Coffin from Dartmouth College

At a time when college applications are rising sharply and the most selective colleges are more competitive than ever, there's a lot of news—and noise—about college admissions. But how much of the chatter is accurate? And how much is just fear-mongering or gossip? For straight talk from experts who know the score, turn into our new series, Admissions Beat. Each week, Lee Coffin, Vice Provost and Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid at Dartmouth College, will consider some of the top admissions headlines and hot topics from the national admissions beat. A roundtable of experts will offer conversation and advice before answering listener questions. Subscribers to our last series, The Search, a two-season primer on applying to college, will want to return for this newsy sequel. And if you're new to all of these lively and useful conversations, welcome aboard!


"What's Next?"

It's been almost two years since COVID-19 upended the way colleges recruit and admit students. On most campuses, things are slowly returning to normal, but it's a new normal. Some virtual programming that expanded outreach is staying in place as admissions offices continue to grapple with changing realities. What does the future hold? In "What's Next," the inaugural episode of a new series, Admissions Beat, Lee Coffin and producer Charlotte Albright tackle hot topics in admissions news. Then Coffin and his guests, Emily Roper-Doten, dean of admission and financial aid at Olin College of Engineering, and Diane Scott, co-director of college placement at Boston's Academy of the Pacific Rim, look forward as they ponder the lessons of the pandemic.

Episode 1: What's Next? by Dartmouth

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