Each year, we select a dynamic group of rising high school seniors from historically underrepresented backgrounds and communities around the country for an extended campus visit. Students are chosen based on their academic achievement, personal character, and potential for future leadership. The programs—including transportation to and from Dartmouth—are free.



Dartmouth Bound had a huge impact on my decision to apply to and attend Dartmouth. Staying in a student dorm with a host allowed me to get a strong sense of how Dartmouth students spend their time and gave me a better understanding of the diversity on campus. I also had the opportunity to attend classes, tour campus, and learn about the various student organizations that Dartmouth had. This helped me discover what parts of campus I could see myself being a part of. For me, the most impactful aspect of this experience was meeting the other students who were a part of the program because I began to make connections and friendships with people who are now a significant part of my life at Dartmouth. Ultimately, Dartmouth Bound made it easy for me to call Dartmouth home for the next 4 years. —Alejandro Cuan-Martinez ‘20


Sleeping in actual dorms, going to actual classes, and attending actual campus events during Dartmouth Bound helped me decide that Dartmouth was the perfect match for me. It was the first and only college I visited out of the 17 I applied to because I fell in love while on campus. Dartmouth just had this huge, loving community full of smiles and welcoming advice. Dartmouth Bound showed me what it was really like to be at Dartmouth as a student, and from then on I knew Dartmouth was the right place for me.  —Kelly N. Caputo ‘19


Dartmouth Bound was absolutely a deciding factor for me in my college admissions process. As a first-generation college student, I did not know much about the college application process and could not look to my family for help. I found out about Dartmouth Bound through a QuestBridge Facebook page and was intrigued since Dartmouth was one of my dream schools. I felt like it was such an accomplishment when I was accepted, to have an Ivy League school not only interested in me visiting, but also willing to cover the cost of my visit! This part was crucial as someone from Texas who could not have afforded to visit otherwise. The organizers of Dartmouth Bound were helpful from the moment I stepped off the plane, waiting for me wearing the Dartmouth Bound shirt with the other attendees. One of my favorite parts of Dartmouth Bound was being exposed to students from all over that had similar interests and goals as me. It was so exciting to be able to speak with students who shared common experiences about navigating the college admissions process. This also goes for the Dartmouth students who volunteered for the Dartmouth Bound program. They made an impact on me in showing me how friendly and welcoming Dartmouth students are, something that did not change when even when I arrived on campus for the start of my freshman fall. Another great part of Dartmouth Bound was the application and financial aid workshops. They walked us step by step through the financial aid process and answered any questions we had. This was important to me since as a low-income first generation college student, the cost of attending was a top deciding factor in choosing a college. We also had the opportunity to read mock applications to better prepare us to write our own college applications. After attending Dartmouth Bound I felt more prepared for the college application process and decided to apply early decision. —Kristen Perez ‘19


I remember that first Coach ride to the Big Green; grateful to have the opportunity, but very hesitant being away from a big city. By the time Bound was over, riding back on the Coach, I knew Dartmouth was the one. —Saba Maheen ‘20