Dartmouth Bound • July 18-20, 2022

The Dartmouth Bound Program is designed to give participants an in-person experience of daily college life at Dartmouth. Participants will learn about Dartmouth's close-knit community and its resources, as well as college admissions and financial aid processes. Dartmouth Bound is open to rising seniors currently living and attending a high school in the U.S., from historically underrepresented backgrounds and communities.

We are no longer accepting applications for the 2022 Dartmouth Bound Program.


The Admissions Office requires that Dartmouth Bound overnight visitors

  • are up to date on their COVID-19 vaccinations, including booster; AND
  • test negative for COVID-19 the day before arriving in Hanover.

Proof of vaccination will be required.


Dartmouth Bound is open to rising high school seniors currently living and attending a high school in the U.S., regardless of citizenship status. While the application is open to all students, we especially encourage students from underrepresented backgrounds and communities—including students of color, students who are the first in their families to attend college, and students from low-income families—to apply. 

Participants will attend workshops on the admissions and financial aid processes and interact with members of our faculty. While staying in Dartmouth residence halls, there will be ample time to enjoy meaningful conversations with current student mentors and other Bound participants.

Program Highlights

Admissions officers will explain our individualized review process and provide tips for completing college applications. Participants will have the chance to review sample applications to the College as part of a mock admissions committee exercise. Admissions officers will be available throughout the program to address individual questions about the college application process.

Faculty will describe how their work contributes to the themes of academics, social engagement, and leadership via a class-setting environment. Additionally, professors will show the relevance of undergraduate classes and research to the great issues facing us in the world today.

Participants will tour the campus led by currently enrolled students, which will provide an opportunity to gain orientation of the College and its physical and natural resources while hearing about student experiences.

Need-based financial aid makes a Dartmouth education affordable. During the program, our financial aid officers will provide an overview of the financial aid application process and will address how a family's special circumstances are taken into consideration. Admissions and financial aid staff will help decipher the vocabulary of "need-based aid," "cost of attendance," "work-study" and other terms that will empower participants to make informed financial decisions when choosing a college.

Throughout Dartmouth Bound Program, participants will connect with current students and in the process gain a personal understanding of the Dartmouth experience.


Read about past participants' experiences with Dartmouth Bound


Dartmouth Bound was, and I am not joking, the best few days of my life. After my experience I'd always jokingly tell my mother that if I didn't get accepted into Dartmouth I wouldn't attend college...it seems to have worked out! My favorite thing about Bound is that it was just another way for me to foster community at Dartmouth. The other participants I met were from all across the world and that was my first time getting to know more about other US states and even other countries. It is also awesome to now be a student and having maintained friendships with those who I met while at Bound. Not to mention, the professors I met were awesome and it was very clear that they too were very genuine. There was a genuine care for one another that I felt while participating in Dartmouth Bound, but there was also the genuine care for academics present. I loved that there was a perfect balance and from that point forward, I knew these were the types of people I wanted to spend four years of my life with. Here I am two almost three years years in and Dartmouth Bound made me feel a comfort I still feel today! —Amanda '22 

It didn't matter that I didn't get to feel the Hanover breeze, but what did matter was that even through this nightmare of a pandemic, I was still able to feel the love and community that Dartmouth beautifully creates through my Zoom screen. Through Dartmouth Bound, I built a community full of thoughtful and talented individuals, who in the short time that I knew them, became my "quarantine best friends." This program allowed for me to get a true taste of the Dartmouth spirit, and gave me the amazing opportunity to attend compelling class sessions, tour Dartmouth virtually (WHICH WAS THE COOLEST THING EVER!!!), and regroup with our designated Dartmouth Bound Leaders for some honest and open Q&A sessions and debriefs. Honestly speaking, after Dartmouth Bound, I never felt more sure that Dartmouth had to be my next home. — Anell '25

Dartmouth Bound was truly an incredible experience for me in exploring colleges and eventually choosing to apply to Dartmouth. As a rising senior in the middle of the college application process, I was so glad I got the chance to dive into the Dartmouth experience and feel the welcoming community of Hanover. Even in a virtual environment, I was able to connect with my Dartmouth Bound Leaders and others students just like me. I especially loved the opportunity to participate in a mock class, led by a Dartmouth professor, and actually get to experience firsthand what classes are like at Dartmouth. I got to hear about all that Dartmouth had to offer from the perspective of real Dartmouth students and really see how important community is at Dartmouth and for me. I would be lying if I said that Dartmouth Bound did not prompt me to apply, and ultimately choose Dartmouth as my home for the next four years! — Emil '25