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De-rigging boats after taking sailing lessons

One of the most unique experiences I've had at Dartmouth so far is participating in sailing lessons. Dartmouth offers sailing lessons to students during the summer terms which are counted towards the physical education requirements. 

I have always loved the way in which learning inevitably transcends the classroom space at Dartmouth. Whether it be through field labs, hiking experiences or cabin trips, the opportunities here are endless. This summer I've taken on one such activity through the Dartmouth Yacht Club in Mascoma Lake. This lake, located in Enfield, NH, is a 30 minute drive from the center of campus and hosts sailing lessons for students four days a week. Students get to go to the Dartmouth Yacht Club for three hours every week in a group of about 16 people in order to learn how to sail. 

Here, we go on three different types of boats to get sailing knowledge. During the first lesson we go out to Rhodes boats with the instructor in order to learn sailing basics such as how to steer, tack, jibe, and handle the mainsail and jib. Then, we go on to try FJs which are two person dinghies and Lasers which only fit one person. Throughout the course we learn how to rig and derig the boats before putting them in or after taking them out of the water. 

Dartmouth has pushed me in ways I didn't know were possible. Sailing has been a great experience so far, and one that I've found to be especially challenging. During the first few lessons I was intimidated by being all alone in the water and having to take control of the boat. However, with time and practice it has been great to find myself more secure in myself and better able to put my learning into practice. 

So far, sailing has often been some of the highlights of my weeks this summer as I have been fortunate for this peaceful opportunity to simply enjoy being out in the water and the thrill of sailing as a beginner.

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