Explore ideas, issues, and challenges in their local contexts and cultural norms to gain an unmatched depth of understanding.

An image of a student standing in front of a blackboard with Asian characters on it running drill while a student sits in a chair opposite them

Some cultures, ideas, or moments in history are so inextricably linked to their context that they must be explored and shared within it. Language learning at Dartmouth happens in many ways (and in many places), but all of them give students a new lens on the world, the way they study it, or both.

An image of Dartmouth students studying away in Morocco

The Language Study Abroad (LSA) and Advanced Language Study Abroad (LSA+) programs have been developed in response to the College's commitment of understanding, and communication with people of other cultures. To this end, Dartmouth maintains programs in a number of countries. Undergraduates live with local families on most LSA and LSA+ programs. Life with local families gives students a personal context through which they gain access to the culture as a whole. Studying the language, literature, and civilization gives them an intellectual grasp of historical and contemporary cultural patterns. Browse the LSA and LSA+ programs offered at Dartmouth.

Learning Languages at Dartmouth

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