Scholars Who Teach

What does it mean to learn from scholars who teach? It means that your professors are continually pushing the boundaries of the known, combining their thought-leading expertise with their passion for teaching, mentoring, and collaborating. It means that your classroom experience is seamlessly integrated with breakthroughs in the lab and discoveries in the field.

On any given day at Dartmouth, you could be working with

  • a computer scientist known as the father of digital forensics and an expert in detecting manipulated images and videos
  • an historian who is revealing how the systematic exploitation of enslaved people and their labor was foundational to the creation and growth of New Orleans
  • a biomedical engineer who has created an early warning system to help doctors treat traumatic brain injuries and prevent permanent damage
  • an award-winning experimental animator working to unleash the kinetic energy of overlooked and wasted objects and questioning the role of decoration in daily life
  • an expert on political misconceptions and conspiracy theories who is considered one of the most thought-provoking writers about politics on the web
  • a psychologist uncovering the basis of human social intelligence and exploring questions such as why dolls are creepy and how we think about friendship

Explore the full community of scholars who teach at Dartmouth.

Scholars Who Teach

For Dartmouth professors, teaching is a passion, a calling, a way of life. Mentorship is instinctive, one of the most rewarding aspects of their scholarship. Dartmouth faculty members are also pioneering researchers and influential thought-leaders. Their work with students helps them advance the frontier of knowledge and helps students advance their careers. Dartmouth classrooms are interactive, collaborative, discussion-based environments.

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