From overseas to the Hanover’s familiar streets, Dartmouth students and faculty actively make a profound impact in places of need across the globe. With an immensely passionate student body, service is one of Dartmouth’s defining features, providing an outlet to use innovation and creativity for the greater good. The skills learned through service in the field are invaluable, and so the College offers several unique resources that makes it easier than ever to get involved:

Center for Social Impact

The Dartmouth Center for Social Impact is the College’s first stop for all service-related activities. With a number of available off-campus internships, any free term can be used to embark on a life-changing experience. And since the Center provides funding for students to initiate projects on their own, the possibilities are limitless. In the local area, they offer six different pre-existing programs, giving students the invaluable opportunity to work with schools and community organizations within the region. For those who are interested in social-sector careers, the Center offers conferences with alumni and distinguished panelists to build connections and pass on knowledge to new generations. But that isn’t all; the Center for Social Impact is adding new programs and activities based on student interest, so stay tuned!

Social Impact Practicums

SIPs are Dartmouth’s unique blend of service and experiential learning. Based on a community-oriented project, they’re for-credit experiences that connect students with nonprofit organizations across the Upper Valley. The perfect way to take in-class concepts out into the field, there’s an average of 30 of these courses offered every year across 20 different disciplines, giving every type of student an opportunity to make a real-world impact.