Students think of a "Dean" as a signature on a letter, someone like the Wizard of Oz: an idea more than a person. I'm emerging from behind my proverbial curtain to share insights informed by my actual experience: I was a first-generation college student, and need-based financial aid opened my door to opportunity. Not many students from my large high school went on to selective colleges, so advice was thin. I was largely on my own. My platform here helps me reach those of you in a similar place.

— Lee Coffin, Vice Provost for Enrollment and Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid




Podding Together

In our series finale, Dean Coffin invites Charlotte Albright, the producer of "The Search," to reflect with him on what they have learned together over the course of 22 episodes stretched across two seasons. Among the surprises: applications to selective colleges surged during the pandemic. Coffin's last words of advice to the next class of high school seniors: Be your own best advisers, and follow your hearts as you plot the next chapter of your lives.

Season 2 Episode 9: Podding Together by Dartmouth

A transcript is available for this episode.


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