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Graniteville Vermont quarry showing granite cliffs and aquamarine water

One of my favorite memories this summer was to visit a quarry in Graniteville Vermont. My friends and I made the hour or so drive up from Hanover to see this incredible blend of man-made and natural environment. The car ride was one of the most picturesque I've ever taken, with the road being populated by luscious green mountains, bridges, and cute shops.

Drive through Vermont high-way showing a girl putting her hand through the sun-roof. Granite rocks and trees in the background
Drive through Vermont highway.

A quarry is a place that has been mined for rocks or minerals, often leaving behind large symmetrically cut rocks. Sometimes these quarries fill with water creating lakes or ponds that could be safe to swim in. It is important to note that some quarries can have toxic chemicals in the water or may not be open to the public so always be sure to check beforehand. 

The specific quarry we visited was perfect  for swimming with gorgeous aquamarine colored water. The water was a lot warmer than we expected it to be too which is always an added bonus. The visit ended with some in the group cliff jumping into the water after we carefully made sure that the quarry was deep enough. 

I love that Dartmouth has so many opportunities for students to take advantage of and explore new places. Exploring the area around Dartmouth is easily done and will result in some of the best experiences. I, for one, didn't even know what a quarry was before being dragged along into this adventure by some friends in my sorority. All in all this made for an unforgettable escapade. 

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