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Dartmouth is situated in beautiful Hanover, New Hampshire. I fell in love with Dartmouth's nature setting and the ability to experience the changing of the seasons. Dartmouth offers a truly remarkable student experience that cannot be replicated anywhere else in the United States. 

The College is surrounded by beautiful trees that all hug one another (yes, I personified the trees because they are literally people, lol). Our entire community is extremely close-knit, everyone wants everyone to succeed and flourish in all aspects of life. There are endless resources available to all students from accessing databases in the library to conducting research on Latino Identity in the LALACS (Latin American, Latino, and Caribbean Studies) department. 

Dartmouth Students are involved in the Upper Valley Communities and make a positive social impact, outside of the "Dartmouth Bubble." Two posts ago, I wrote about Growing Change, a program that is directed by the Center for Social Impact at Dartmouth. I wanted to update you all on our progress as a group. We are continuing to work extensively in the garden and have made huge strides of progress on clearing the weeds and cultivating mint and chives (the kiddos love them!). I wanted to include this update in this week's article because I think it beautifully complements my last article and demonstrates Dartmouth's continuous commitment to maintaining strong bonds with the vibrant Upper Valley communities. 

kiddos growing change
The kiddos racing to the garden for their favorite snack, mint.

Our progress with clearing the garden!

As my Fall term is coming to an end, I am surrounded by colorful leaves that will soon fall and decompose. However, before the transition of the season finally arrives, I have spent many hours with my School House Community (one of six of the residential house communities here at Dartmouth). I even got to carve a pumpkin in spirit for Halloween. I left it in front of Wheeler Hall to serve as welcoming decor. 

pumpkin lol
A pumpkin

Once the leaves are all on the pavement, the Winter season will arrive, and the snow will commence a new era of campus life. By then, I will be increasing my consumption of hot chocolate and preparing for the cold winter nights ahead.

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