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a picture of a crowd of people all holding candles--dartmouth's annual twighlight ceremony to welcome new students

One year ago today, I visited Dartmouth as an admitted student for "Dartmouth Dimensions," Dartmouth's admitted student day. I had such a great time meeting other admitted students, current students, professors, and learning about life at Dartmouth that the choice was easy. Just last week, I decided to host a visiting admitted student myself as a Dimensions "host." It made me reflect on why I chose Dartmouth, and here's why I think you should too.

Dartmouth is a very special place. You will hear this time and time again, and it's because it's completely true. Dartmouth really is a place where you can explore whatever passion or interest you have. This blog page is called "People, Places, Pines," for a reason, but Dartmouth really is so much more than that. While Dartmouth could be described as "People, Places, Pines," it's also the Performing arts, Philosophy, Painting, Programming, Passionate, Paddling, Professional, Personal, and most of all, full of Possibility. You can do anything here and be anyone. There are opportunities to explore anything and everything! That's an incredibly special opportunity, and it's one reason I think you should choose Dartmouth.

a picture of martin and his friends surrounding a fire pit, roasting marshmellows
Outdoor opportunities are a huge part of life at Dartmouth... like skiing and making s'mores with friends!

a picture of martin's friend xavier getting a tour of the boiler plant at Dartmouth
Opportunities to learn outside of the classroom are huge here at Dartmouth... like touring Dartmouth's power facilities to learn about energy systems!

Dartmouth's people and community are irreplaceable. When I came home from Dartmouth Dimensions as an admitted student, the first thing I told my friends back home was, "the people at Dartmouth are so nice!" and that's more true than ever. I chose Dartmouth for the people, and that was my number one reason. Every person you'll meet here is so cool–perhaps they have done something incredible, or maybe they're from somewhere across the globe from Hanover–and being surrounded by such a rich, diverse, and involved community is an experience like no other. At its very roots, Dartmouth's people are what differentiates it most from any other school. Without them, this place simply wouldn't be the same. With them, it's a vibrant community full of scholars, researchers, explorers, educators, adventurers, musicians, artists, and so much more–from each and every part of the globe.

Martin and friends posing and smiling in front of the Dartmouth Ski-way
It's easy to make friends here at Dartmouth... most people want to meet others just as much as you!

martin and his friend daniel smiling in front of the fire pit and embracing!
Here's Daniel (one my closest friends at Dartmouth) and I... we met earlier this year in fall!

Dartmouth's sense of location is like nowhere else in the world. Dartmouth may not be located in a major city–the Upper Valley is no New York City. However, this school has the incredible resources of such a large city school, condensed into the small, warm community of Hanover. Hanover would look very different without Dartmouth. But at the same time, Dartmouth wouldn't be the same without Hanover. This place and its close tie to New England wilderness and the Upper Valley makes it full of life and adventure. It makes each day here exciting, and it's why I love it here so much.

a picture of a dartmouth dorm and bikes covered in snow!
Winters here are long, but beautiful! The seasons keep life at Dartmouth ever changing and exciting!

a picture of the snow-covered green at dartmouth with people on it throwing snowballs at each other, with baker-berry library in the background!
A classic Dartmouth tradition... snowball fights on the Green at midnight!

I want to add one final note to this: choose Dartmouth only if it works out logistically and financially for yourself and your family. That's ultimately what matters most! Dartmouth makes a large committment to financial aid and affordability, but college is still a huge financial committment! This is an incredibly special place, and so if it does work out for you and your family–choose Dartmouth! Look no further than Hanover.

So, here's why you should choose Dartmouth: If you're an admitted student, that means that Dartmouth chose you–they know this is the place for you, and they know that you will thrive here, and–most importantly–that you will love it here. If you're someone that values community, adventure, exploration, learning, meeting new people, and being surrounded by scholars and supporters, then this is the place for you. All that's left is for you to choose Dartmouth. Trust that it's the right choice.


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