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A screenshot of a Dartmouth acceptance notification

Congratulations to all the amazing, intelligent, passionate, and outstanding members of Dartmouth's Class of 2028. The entire Dartmouth community is so excited to have a new group of students join our campus community this fall. For people who are deciding between various colleges at this time, knowing what to expect from the Dartmouth experience is incredibly useful information to have. And for newly accepted students who are already certain they will attend Dartmouth, reading about this information is very exciting! Therefore, I decided to put together a list of the parts of Dartmouth that I think newly accepted students should be excited about.

Firstly, Dartmouth has such a seamless and exciting welcoming experience for new students. As an international student from a very different culture and background, I was very apprehensive about how I would adjust to Dartmouth's social environment during my first few days on campus.

When I first arrived at Dartmouth, I was welcomed by the Dartmouth International Student Pre-Orientation Program (ISPOP). Some ISPOP mentors even welcomed new Dartmouth students traveling to campus alone at the Boston airport before their bus ride to Hanover. ISPOP was an amazing opportunity to not only meet other international students who shared similar experiences and fears about the new environment with me, but also learn more about the specific immigration rules that applied to us. ISPOP was followed by the beloved First-Year Trips program which provides an engaging and fun space for new students to develop a sense of belonging at Dartmouth and its surrounding areas through an exciting outdoor experience. Many of my friends have signed up to be Trips leaders this year and are enthusiastically awaiting the arrival of their 'Trippees,' first-year students who will be on their Trip.

A welcome sign for the Dartmouth class of 2025 pasted on a tree

Another aspect of Dartmouth that seems daunting but is an integral and fulfilling part of the nature of this campus is how novel every experience is for most Dartmouth students. Dartmouth is unique in almost every regard, from its location in a small New England town, its small class sizes, its dedication to undergraduate teaching and its beloved campus traditions. Regardless of the background and experiences of the people you meet, everyone is experiencing Dartmouth for the first time, which makes the memories formed in such moments truly special and profound.

From being officially welcomed to the Dartmouth community during the Homecoming bonfire and the snowball fight after the first snowfall to the fun Winter Carnival activities and the spring music festival that rounds out the year, the novelty of these experiences bonds you with the people you share them with and gives you a unique sense of belonging.

A view of Dartmouth Homecoming bonfire

Lastly, Dartmouth gives you the opportunity to explore the interests you have honed throughout your high school years through real-world experiences. One way Dartmouth has changed the way I approach intellectual ideas is by giving me the opportunity to constantly engage with these ideas in a tangible way. This allows me to have a deeper understanding of and dedication to these ideas. Through Dartmouth's extracurricular activities, student organizations, research, and internship opportunities, various student interests such as politics, scientific research, policy making, community service, and entrepreneurship can be explored in practical ways. At Dartmouth, I have been able to explore my interests in climate change and economic policymaking through various research and internship programs.

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