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How would you describe Dartmouth's sense of place?

A: Gabe Gilbert '23

There are no shortage of words in mind, but those that come most quickly are picturesque, inviting, and more than anything like something out of a movie. This is an amazing question, and it's something that my friends and I are quick to point to whenever we reflect on our own journey of applying and eventually attending Dartmouth. 

As someone who grew up on military bases and in neighborhoods ranging from those pretty rural to archetypal suburbia, Dartmouth strikes a very interesting balance for me. It's more rural than where I went to high school, and yet more varied culturally, linguistically, and socially because of how diverse the student body is. I've met more students that share my cultural heritage at Dartmouth than almost everywhere else I've lived (and I've moved something like thirteen timesǃ). At the same time, Dartmouth feels a lot more vibrant than some of the small towns I've called home, and to me it really exemplified the stereotypical picturesque college campus that I saw in movies and shows. 

The sense of place is something that had me hooked when I first visited Dartmouth as a junior. I had visited a few colleges at that point, and Dartmouth was the one furthest away from home. On our drive to campus, we passed the beautiful White Mountains and crossed rivers and saw more trees than I'd ever actually seen before. By the time we arrived, I was entrancedǃ Though it is nestled away in the Upper Valley, having our student body clustered together on campus encourages us to find community in each other and in the gorgeous environment that surrounds us. I've been blessed with so many opportunities that I'd otherwise never be able to to engage in solely because my friends and I are all here in this new place. I've tried skiing on a ski lodge owned by the college just a few minutes' drive from campus, I've learned how to canoe, I've gone fishing and swimming in the Connecticut, and I've learned that I adore New England autumn and find few vibes more immaculate than studying in a beautiful library during a snowstorm.

How would I describe Dartmouth's sense of place? Like something out of a movie, welcoming and inviting even if you didn't originally think you were the type of person to try new things. Should it be safe and you be able, I can think of no better way to learn more about Dartmouth than to see our little campus in person — we can't wait to welcome youǃ

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