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I am writing this blog post in my room as I finish up my last couple of weeks during the winterim period. Altogether, I am really happy for the experiences and journeys that I embarked on during this time period. I am extremely grateful for the opportunities that I was afforded and the lessons that I learned, both professionally and personally. 

I want to utilize this blog post as a space to set goals for the upcoming Winter term. I want to preface this by saying that I am very excited for the winter season, it is definitely my favorite time of year. I love the snow that comes from the sky and making snowmen. I am probably biased because I am from Southern California and never got to experience snow before. However, that changed when I spent my first winter term at Dartmouth last year. Personally, I love the cold, the hot chocolate from Novack, and the festive activities that come with the winter term. 

A goal that I want to set for myself is the need to continue to explore new adventures and to try new things. I want to continue to live in the moment and take advantage of the many opportunities offered here at the College. I want to continue to meet new people and to challenge myself both personally and academically. I am continuing on my academic journey in economics and want to pursue research at the intersection of education and economics. I want to continue to develop my relationships with friends, professors, and mentors. I am really happy that I have met so many kind and amazing people that want to support me at Dartmouth. I will make sure to update you all on my life as the winter term approaches. Happy New Year and until next time! :)

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