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A modern lobby with high ceilings and natural lighting, featuring a reception area with artistic sculptures, a row of chairs, and a person working at a table

Before coming to Dartmouth, I was worried about being able to get a student job, as I did not have a job before attending college. Student jobs are not easy to come by in my home country, Turkey, and intense academics leave little to no time. I was afraid I did not have the experience, so why would anyone hire me? Flash forward to my junior spring, and I have had five jobs starting during the fall of my first year. My first job ever was writing these very words: blogging for the admissions. A job I applied for the summer before my first year at Dartmouth. I was fortunate enough that most of the jobs I had, particularly research assistant in psych labs and facilitating sexual violence prevention, have been helpful for my long-term career aspirations as a prospective clinical psychologist.

Working for the Hopkins Center for the Arts is a whole other story. It is not directly related to my career goals, but it is one of the most enjoyable jobs I have ever had. I had always wanted to work for the arts because I love going to the theater and the cinema, and I have always had tremendous respect for people who make it possible to have these arts experiences in the first place.

I was always excited to start this job, but I couldn't have guessed how much it would expand my skill set. While my newly polished communication skills from my healthcare internship the previous summer were immensely helpful in getting comfortable in this position. I learned a lot on the technical side of things, like the software used to sell tickets around the country. The software is not immediately intuitive, and it has a big learning curve, which is what makes it such an important skill to learn early on. While I do not plan on working with ticket logistics post-graduation, you never know what happens, and I am glad I have these communication and technical skills under my belt!

There are also fun little rewards to this job you would not initially anticipate. In my fifth week in the position, I learned that I get a free ticket to any event at the Hopkins Center. While student tickets are affordable, it does not hurt to save a little money! Because I have access to ticket-selling software during my phone hours, I can easily sell my friends' tickets without them having to bother buying them on their own as a small act of service. I also get to interact with the greater Upper Valley community, who happen to be the most loyal patrons of the Hopkins Center. It is refreshing to see how life goes on in the Upper Valley beyond the typical Dartmouth student life. One last fun thing is that when I do "will call," I learn firsthand which of my friends happened to not show up for a show they have tickets for, and I get to tease them afterward.

Stay tuned for more adventures at the Hopkins Center!

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