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Dartmouth Hall surrounded by snow with the display of a light gray sky

When I toured Dartmouth College for the first time as a Bound recipient, I was enamored by the entire campus, but I would have liked to know more about minor things prior to my visit. Although I am merely a first-year now, I would've appreciated the opportunity to view a glimpse of Dartmouth's campus environment with outstanding expectations and find out the gems that surround the college beforehand. Thus, I took it upon myself to combine elements of the college that I would've liked to know and implemented my friends' perspectives to compose this blog!

First things first, make an appointment for a guided tour in advance. You will not be able to grasp the true essence of Dartmouth unless you are able to find your way around campus with one of our amazing student tour guides. They will take you to our expansive Baker-Berry library, the Hood Museum of Art, the Shattuck Observatory, and other intriguing places.

Next on the list is the most important tip prior to your visit. Dress in accordance to the weather and leave room for unexpected climate conditions. During my first visit to Dartmouth, the summer before my senior year, I expected the month of July to be sunny, humid, and hot. While it was extremely warm, the moment that I stepped out of the Dartmouth Coach bus, I was greeted by a torrential downpour. Luckily, I packed my suitcase with the expectation that the weather would not be completely sunny, and I was able to retrieve my rain jacket and umbrella. During the months of November through April (the end of fall term through the earliest portion of Spring term), Hanover is prone to snowfall and the temperatures are averaged to be under 50 degrees. I recommend packing a puffer, a hat, and a pair of snow boots that will keep you warm and resist snowfall or light rain. 

Outside my dorm's common room's window, a snowstorm is outside.
A view of the unexpected snowstorm that arrived a week after students returned from spring break. (We believe this may be the last snowfall of the term...hopefully!)

During the months of mid-April to late October, the campus begins to get warm again, and spring initiates its blooming upon the transitory breath of summer and fall. Hanover has occasional rain, so I recommend bringing any form of anti-rain gear and walking shoes. These months are the best time period to have picnics, go on hikes, play a game of Spike ball on the Dartmouth Green (the focal point of campus), and get an açai bowl from Collis (one of the many cafés).

A picture of the sidewalk across the gym during the fall season; colorful leaves are displayed across the grass surrounding the sidewalk.
This was my view walking to my dorm during the fall. This is my favorite season, especially in Hanover! The weather is the best.

Dartmouth's expansive golf course, displayed with green grass and a deep blue sky in the late summer.
During the summer, Dartmouth's golf course is stunning. It's common for people to hold picnics in the day or stargaze in the night.

Last but not least, explore beyond Dartmouth College's campus! The main street of Hanover is just a stone's throw away from campus, and it has a homely charm with plenty to see. There are wonderful boutiques, restaurants with delicious food, a theater, and other services. My favorite restaurant for dinner is Molly's, my favorite café is My Brigadeiro (a Brazilian bakery that sells wonderful açai bowls), and I enjoy visiting Ivy Edit (a boutique with dresses and nice casual outfits). There is a hair salon, nail salon, barbershop, a local CVS, and a local Starbucks. Many of the main supermarkets and stores (such as Walmart and Target) are near the campus as well with a bus that connects them to Dartmouth. 

My favorite restaurant in Hanover is Molly's. Here, it is displayed during the nighttime and icicles detail the roof outside.
My favorite dinner restaurant in Hanover is Molly's. My friends and I like going there a couple of times throughout the term for celebratory meals, birthday dinners, and whenever we feel like it otherwise.
My favorite cafe is a Brazilian Bakery named My Brigadeiro. It is displayed with flowers here.
My favorite café, a Brazilian bakery named My Brigadeiro, is located in the town of Hanover (a walking distance from campus). They have great açai bowls.

Once you leave your campus visit, stay connected! Follow up with your tour guide and the faculty and students you may encounter. They will help answer any remaining questions you may have after your visit. Your Dartmouth journey awaits.

A view of Baker-Berry library from the Dartmouth Green, the focal point of campus.
Baker-Berry library, an iconic symbol of campus.

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