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The sun through eclipse glasses during near entire coverage

This term, I was lucky enough to be able to see an amazing and rare event—a total eclipse! Me and a group of friends (one of whom is an incredibly avid astronomist) all hopped in a car on a warm Monday morning, and drove an hour to St Johnsbury to be in the region of totality (total coverage of the sun by the moon). As the day of the eclipse approached, the town buzzed with preparations, welcoming visitors from near and far who shared a common fascination with the cosmos.

We gathered in open fields, equipped with solar viewing glasses and telescopes. As the moon slowly crept across the sun, the atmosphere grew still, and a sense of reverence filled the air. Then, in a breathtaking moment of alignment, the moon completely obscured the sun, plunging us into darkness in the middle of the day. I literally cannot describe with words how amazing the eclipse looked—and my photos don't do it full justice.

The sun covered entirely by the moon

During totality, a profound transformation occurred. Day turned into night, stars emerged in the sky, and a shimmering halo, the sun's corona, radiated around the moon's silhouette. It was a dance of light and shadow, a cosmic ballet that left us speechless. Witnessing the sun's corona, usually hidden by the sun's glare, was a humbling reminder of the vastness and beauty of our solar system.

What made the eclipse experience even more magical was sharing it with fellow enthusiasts and curious onlookers. Strangers became friends as we marveled at the celestial event together. We played Pink Floyd as the moon crept over the sun, and their song "Great Gig in the Sky" hit it's climax during totality.

The scene after the moon has finished covering the sun, but still retains a flash of light curving around it
After totality!

As the eclipse passed and daylight gradually returned, I couldn't help but reflect on the cosmic scale of our existence. Witnessing a total eclipse is a reminder of our place in the vastness of space, where celestial bodies align in perfect harmony, showcasing the intricacies and beauty of our solar system.

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