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Cornell Hillside after eating Lunch

​Recently, I took a trip to Cornell with the Dartmouth College Wind Ensemble (DCWE). The DCWE music ensemble was selected to play in a conference for the College Band Directors National Association (CBDNA) to demonstrate the importance of band programs within the US Northeast region. There, we played music by Mexican composers as a part of the Mexican Repertoire Initiative established by the DCWE under Brian Messier, the director of bands at Dartmouth. This initiative has sought to bring composers and new voices to the stage for band programs across the US. During this ensemble's last three years, we have performed over a dozen new works from many diverse Latin composers. In addition, we have even met nearly all of these composers in person, which has been a life-changing experience for us all.

DCWE Performance on stage at Cornell

Although we left for Cornell during a busy part of the term, the entire ensemble seemed to enjoy the whole experience! The music we played definitely left an impact on the audience there. We demonstrated that not all band music has to fit standardized performance obligations or the classic repertoire! This was our favorite concert and the best performance we have done in years. I'm so happy to have had the chance to perform on a new stage and find passion in my music again.

Mexican Repertoire Initiative Presentation at Cornell
Mexican Repertoire Initiative Presentation at Cornell!
Cornell Architecture
Pretty architecture at Cornell!

Outside of the music world, visiting Cornell was a wonderful time with my friends from Dartmouth. We ate at their dining halls and compared them to our own; they sadly had no FoCo cookies like that of Dartmouth's famous cookies at FoCo (our dining hall). Of course, we had coursework to do, so we visited their libraries, too! After watching the last ensemble perform, we left for Dartmouth to return home and get back to our coursework to prepare for our approaching finals! It is time for the Spring quarter and for us to start rehearsing new music for another performance. However, the DCWE had one of its many new traditions a week after the concert, where we baked something with the band director! This time, we celebrated the winter term by making homemade bagels of many types to enjoy during the last week of the term.

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