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I am writing this blog post as I finish up Week 5 of my fall term as a sophomore. Firstly, this week was very busy given I had to finish up a couple of projects and had a midterm for Macroeconomics. I am being challenged a ton and am learning so much. I really love all of my classes and am continuing to grow a ton in my academics and personal life! 

As a reward for the busy week, I traveled to White River Junction with my friend, Lena '25, to Tip Top Pottery in White River Junction (Vermont). It took approximately 10 minutes by car to get to the location from the College. This adventure was awesome because we spent 6 hours painting mugs and we explored the museum in the building. Afterward, we visited a mom-and-pop thrift store in the area and got some lovely scarves for the winter (it gets really cold during the winter time!). It got really foggy and we ended our adventure by going to Five Guys and then visiting the Golf course during the night to stargaze. 

My mug! :)

Very Foggy :(

This was pretty much my entire Friday night! I chose to highlight this adventure in this week's post because I want to show prospective students the beauty of leaving the College and the room for exploration and possibilities in places near the College. There are many opportunities to leave the Dartmouth bubble and to interact and explore with people that are outside of the College!

I hope that this blog post was useful and provided some insight into the possibilities that you could embark on while attending Dartmouth. I really enjoyed writing about this week's adventure and I am very excited to update you on my life next week! Until my next blog post, have an amazing day! :)

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