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I am writing this blog post as I finish up week 8 of my winter term as a second year. I want to utilize this blog post as a form of reflection and discuss the places I have explored on campus. This week was filled with a ton of nice memories and I got to enjoy spending time with my friends. 

This past weekend, I played Mario Kart with my friend, Amara '25 for a couple of hours. It was really fun, I was baby Luigi in the game, lol. Afterward, we played some UNO and talked. Days like these are what I really love, where I can make time for the people that really matter and spending time together. This term I made it a new priority to make time for myself and to take breaks from the rigors of the College.

Later in the week, I wanted to explore the Greenhouse campus, so I went to the Life Sciences Center. It was such a wonderful experience, I got to visit the different rooms that represent varying biomes. The most interesting biomes have to be the tropical rainforest and subtropical rainforest rooms. Also, there is a small koi pond that has a family of orange koi! My personal favorite part of the Greenhouse has to be the brout orchid collection. There were a ton of different colored orchids that really lit up the room. Altogether, this trip to the Greenhouse was very much worth it and I learned a ton regarding the importance of plant biodiversity!

I hope my blog post provided some insight into prospective students and future classes. I look forward to updating you all next week on my life and goals! I can't believe that it is almost the end of my winter term. Nevertheless, until next week! :)

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