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I am writing this blog post as I enter the fourth week of my spring term. As I am reflecting on this previous week, I want to talk about a very important and special project that happened this past weekend. The Carnival: The Caribbean Experience took place at the Shabazz Center for Intellectual Inquiry. I worked alongside the Office of Pluralism and Leadership (OPAL), Shayne '22, and the Carnival Committee to celebrate the many cultures across the 13 nations and 700 islands of the Caribbean. 

For context, we began the process for the Carnival events in the winter. This year's theme focused on acknowledging that there is no one way to celebrate the Caribbean Carnival. We centered the events to highlight rich Caribbean culture through social connection, food, dance, and community. This entire experience was so meaningful to me as I was given the opportunity to contribute to this year's Caribbean Carnival. I learned so much about the many necessary steps to execute the Carnival from the creation of schedules, to partaking in Carnival Committee meetings, to preparing a presentation to request funding from the Elections Planning and Advisory Committee (EPAC).

I am writing about this project because I want to reflect on this entire process and the importance of showing prospective Dartmouth students the possibility of exploration at Dartmouth. It was truly amazing getting to collaborate with peers, OPAL, and the overall greater Dartmouth community to make this project a reality. I learned a ton from this experience and will carry the lessons that I have learned well after my Dartmouth journey, as I continue to navigate my future. I want to thank all of the sources that contributed to ensuring that we had enough funding to support the Caribbean Carnival. Most importantly, I want to emphasize that Dartmouth has many opportunities for growth and this experience has equipped me with such happy and memorable memories. 

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