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I am writing this blog post as I enter week 8 of my spring term. I am currently studying for midterms and finishing up papers for my class. Today, as a reward for being productive, I spent a couple of hours on the Green with my friends. It was amazing to cool off from the hot weather and catch up with friends. If you are a prospective student or admitted student and are not familiar with the term "the Green," it is essentially the heart of our campus :). People tend to utilize the space to reconnect with friends, play games such as spikeball, play with their dogs, etc. Most notably, the Green is the location for very important events like the yearly bonfire to welcome the incoming students, and commencement to celebrate the graduates and their Dartmouth journey. It was truly amazing to experience my first bonfire and the warm welcoming (literally and figuratively, haha) into the Dartmouth community. 

Now, I am wrapping up my first year at Dartmouth. After reflecting on my experience thus far, I want to offer some advice to prospective and admitted students. Firstly, I want to place emphasis on being yourself. You are transitioning into a new environment, becoming more independent, and taking on new and exciting responsibilities. You are going to meet amazing people; always remember to live in the moment. Over time, you will adjust to this transition, but remember to take care of yourself and put yourself first, always!

Another piece of advice that I offer for incoming college students is to follow consistent sleep and work schedules. For me, creating a daily schedule helps me stay on track every day to ensure that I am finishing up my tasks, but also taking care of myself (go do fun things like have a picnic on the Green or watch a movie at the HOP!). I hope that my advice is helpful as you embark on the beginnings of your college experiences!

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