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Washington DC

Thanks to the D-Plan, there's a lot of flexibility in choosing which quarters you take classes at Dartmouth. Sophomore Summer, a term in which you're required to stay on campus, often plays a large role in deciding when to take some time off from school—most students decide to take either their junior fall or winter off. But, thanks to COVID-19, lots of us had changes of plans.

When Dartmouth went virtual, I decided to time off then so I could enjoy campus in-person once things calmed down a bit. However, I still wanted to graduate in four years, so there was a limit to how much time I could take off. As a result, I ended up taking classes for six terms in a row—from sophomore winter to junior spring. Therefore, the summer of 2022 was my first time taking a break from classes in over a year! 

I spent the summer interning for a consulting firm in Washington D.C.. I was originally supposed to live out in New York City, but due to COVID-19, my internship went remote. Thankfully, this was the case for some of my friends from Dartmouth, and we were able to coordinate and pick a random city to spend the term. It was possibly the most spontaneous decision I've ever made, and I don't regret it!

Besides working a 40-hour week, I got to explore the city with friends and take some time to relax. Plus, there were lots of other Dartmouth students around completing their own internships. I even walked into a friend from freshman year randomly at a museum! This just goes to show that the Dartmouth community truly is everywhere—from the woods of Hanover, NH to the busy streets of the city.

As I mentioned, taking a break from classes has been good for me. But nearing the end of my time in D.C., I'm more ready to be back to the Big Green. My senior year is my last chance to make some memories with my friends and check some things off my bucket list before diving into adult life. So, I'm going to take advantage of every moment and every opportunity that Dartmouth has to offer. I look forward to hikes through the foliage in the fall, to snowboarding through the bright snow in the winter, and to making the best of my last Green Key senior spring.

My time away from school made me realize I'm ready for the real world, but I still have lots and lots memories to make at Dartmouth College.

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