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Hi all! And congratulations on your acceptance to Dartmouth College! We are excited to welcome you, and can't wait to have you with us! 

Looking back to my first-year as an upperclassmen, I remember that those first few terms were a bit overwhelming at times. Everything was new to me, and I was surprised by my newfound independence—for the first time in my life, I could do whatever I wanted (for the most part!) But with that, I had a lot of decisions to make, one of them being my course load. Having gone through my first year at Dartmouth, I'd like to share some of my key tips and takeaways through the First-Year Series.

1. Keep an Open Mind

I shared this story with more detail in one of my previous blogs: when I came into Dartmouth, I was set on pursuing an engineering degree. I was big on math and science in high school and so I thought engineering was perfect for me. Days into the prerequisites, I found out that engineering was actually not my calling.

So, I recommend that you keep an open mind and explore your options before deciding that you are pursuing a particular major. Try things outside of your comfort zone, and don't be afraid to take a random class that sounds exciting, but doesn't fit your current plans. You never know—that class could be where you discover your true passion.

2. Knock Out Some Distribs

At Dartmouth, we have distributive requirements (aka "distribs") that are meant to encourage you to try a class in every academic corner of the College. As a first-year, it is a good idea to cross these off your list. For one thing, distribs are a great way to see what's out there. You can explore and discover your interests without worrying about what your major will be. Look through the course selection, and create a diverse schedule. This will make studying easier and more interesting as you diversify your thinking.

See you for the next edition of the First-Year Series!

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