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What's something you've done at Dartmouth that you couldn't have done or experienced anywhere else?

A: Image of Gabriel Gilbert '23; he is wearing a black aloha shirt with a red leaf pattern that runs from his shoulder down the left half of his shirt.

This is an amazing question, and though my own blog is full of things that I've been able to do that I doubt that I'd have been able to do or feel empowered to do elsewhere, let me run through a few highlights.

Join an Archery Club

As a kid I dabbled in archery, and I ended up getting back into it and treating it  more seriously after graduating high school. It remains one of my favorite hobbies, but I live in suburbia now so finding a safe place to practice is pretty tough. One of the first things I did when I got to Dartmouth was join the Archery Club on campus. During my first time out on the range, me and all of the club's members helped to set up targets and tents on our little lot just across the road from the Dartmouth Organic Farm. Shuttles on the weekend provided our transportation there, and every weekend bring any and all willing would-be archers to the range, completely free! Not only that, bows and arrows are provided (as well as top-notch instruction -- no pun intended). Thank you, Dartmouth Outing Club!

Learn How to Ski

As someone who grew up in Hawaiʻi, the South/Mid-Atlantic Coast, and Kansas, skiing was never something that came up as something I could do. Not only that, but since neither of my parents are big skiiers and because skiing can be an expensive hobby and even pricier sport, it was largely something out of reach for me. At Dartmouth, I could take ski lessons and learn at the Dartmouth Skiway and have all of the equipment paid for, including my ski and boots rental along with goggles and a helmet that I got to keep! It was a really, really fun time and I can't recommend it enough to any other curious Dartmouth students or Dartmouth students-to-be out there. Take advantage of it!

Learn to Speak My Indigenous Language, AND Get Credit!

As an Indigenous student at Dartmouth, I got the opportunity to self-design a language learning curriculum for myself to learn Hawaiian and then also receive credit from Dartmouth that will go towards my degree. Because of Dartmouth's incredible Native and Indigenous Studies Department, they were more than willing to accommodate my desire to learn the Hawaiian language and also reward my passion with academic credit, with so much support along the way. I am still in shock at the opportunity, and it's definitely a dream that only a place like Dartmouth could let me realize, as far as I'm aware.

I could name so many more things, but lucky for you I've already written about them on my blog. Go see for yourself, but hope this helped shed a little light on the massive answer to your amazing question!

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