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There's a running joke in my family: "Why did all the plants die?"

"Because Mom took care of them!"

I started this blog about plants, so it seems fitting to end my last post of freshman year with more plant updates. During quarantine, a lot of people have started gardening, my mother being one of them. So far, she's killed a fern and three cilantro plants. My aunt recently dropped off an array of tomato, basil, and bay leaf plants. My mom is committed to proving the family wrong and has been avidly tending to her plants—showering them with fertilizer, watering them twice a day, bringing them outside for sunlight. They look pretty good—for now. 

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While my mom has been obsessed with plants, I've been preoccupied with how I'm going to spend the next three and a half months before the fall term starts. I will be interning at Forbes Consulting, creating PowerPoints, designing websites, and attending meetings. I also signed up for Harvard's free online Python course (dare I try my hand at CS 1?) and Dartmouth's Rockefeller Center Excel course. Of course, I plan to watch Chinese movies and binge Netflix shows. 

I have also been looking into internship opportunities and gap year programs. I am thinking about where I can squeeze in my Beijing LSA, which was canceled several days ago. I am a bit concerned about what I want to do after college, but the Center for Professional Development (CPD) has guided me in answering these questions. They have hosted several career webinars, featuring employers that hire for writing skills and how to apply for law school. I have also attended a West House talk with journalist Cassandra Vinograd. In a couple of days, I will have a one-on-one chat with a career advisor to discuss media internships. Sometimes, I wish I could be a Dartmouth student forever. Meanwhile, I want to thank you for reading my blog and to wish you a healthy, safe summer. 

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