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What's something about Dartmouth that you didn't know existed prior to your enrollment that you couldn't imagine your life without now?

A: Bryanna Entwistle '23

For me, Dartmouth's support for undergraduate research is not something I knew a lot about coming in. However, it has certainly differentiated my experience here. For the past two years, I've worked as an associate with the Dartmouth Digital History Initiative (DDHI), a digital humanities project that makes oral histories more accessible. Our research team has encoded interviews from the Dartmouth Vietnam Project (an effort to capture the oral histories of Dartmouth Vietnam veterans) as well as Dartmouth Black Lives (an effort to document the experience of the first black students at Dartmouth). Through the Office of Undergraduate Advising and Research, I've received a substantial amount of funding for each term that I've worked on the project. This funding has allowed me to use the time that might be spent on an additional job instead of research. My experience with the DDHI has been phenomenal. Working with such a close knit-team of different majors with our faculty advisor, Professor Edward Miller, has been an experience I can't imagine Dartmouth without.

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