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I am writing this blog post as I enter week 9 of my spring term. The weather is so sunny, refreshing, and awesome (it reminds me a lot of the weather in California). I am dedicating this post as a reflection on my week 8. This week was filled with many assignments, news, and most importantly memories. 

I love all of my classes, they are difficult, but I am learning a ton! I am currently drafting my final papers and preparing for my economics final. My favorite class thus far has to be Sociology 1: Introductory Sociology. I love my group leader, Raegan '24; she is so kind and makes the material very lovely and digestible. The material is fascinating and has enhanced my sociological imagination immensely. For example, last week's readings focused on addressing racial inequities in the United States, and analyzed the stress process model as a way to conceptualize the reasoning behind why humans experience stress differently (due to stress mediators, race/ethnicity, social institutions, etc). 

In addition, I have updates on my Foundations in Social Impact project! Our group is finalizing our final presentation and we are currently drafting our final board report. The final presentation is next Thursday, and I am so excited to show the stakeholders all of our research and conclusion to possible solutions for the housing crises in the Upper Valley. Moreover, today I learned that I got accepted into the Design Your Own Internship Program with the Center for Social Impact! I am so grateful for the opportunity to get support and guidance from DCSI as I embark on my summer internship with Breakthrough Collaborative. I hope that prospective students and admitted students note the resources and opportunities at Dartmouth in regard to receiving support to embark on independent projects.

Finally, I wanted to highlight another core memory that occurred this week, which was my adventure at Lou's. I wrote about the restaurant a couple of blog posts ago and I am currently obsessed with their french toast. I went with my friend, Naiset '25, and our conversation literally made my week—I am so lucky to have her in my life! I will update you all next week as I finish up my last week of the term and head back to California! :)

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