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Hi everyone! I am writing this blog post as I finish up my fourth week of the spring term. I want to reflect on the experiences that I have had this week. 

Firstly, this week was a lot to process, academically, personally, and socially. A highlight of this week was working with my cohort of peers to work on our Foundations in Social Impact project. We were given the task to develop possible housing options to alleviate the housing crisis in the Upper Valley. For context, currently, many people within and outside of the Dartmouth community are struggling to find housing in the area due to the lack of availability and extremely high costs. Right now, we are constructing our presentation to present to our Board of Directors at Keys to the Valley. This experience has been so awesome and I am very grateful to learn a ton from my peers and the necessary research to explore and contribute to possible solutions to the housing crunch in the Upper Valley. 

In the process of our Foundations presentation!

This past week went by very quickly and I am still processing everything and making sure that I am caught up with everything that I need to finish up. I am learning to be more kind to myself and give myself opportunities to take a break from everything that is going on around me. At times, I get overwhelmed with my commitments, but I always do everything piece by piece and go from there. A piece of advice that I have for prospective students is to put yourself first and to always remember that you are capable and worthy. Right now, I am focusing on myself, my own growth, and most importantly taking care of myself. I will update you all on any life updates next week, which is week 5 (halfway through the spring term)!

Here is a random picture that I took this past week! :)

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