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I am writing this blog post at the end of my week 6 of the winter term. I want to center my reflection on food. Personally, I really enjoy food. More specifically, anything in Collis Cafe I will eat immediately. I love their soups, sandwiches, and pasta. My favorite thing about Collis Cafe is the people. The workers at Collis are one of the kindest and sweetest people I have ever met. I have gotten to meet some of the Collis workers and form interpersonal relationships with them. It really makes me so happy to hear about their day and get to know them more. Currently, I am obsessed with their omelets, they're amazing and really filling.

Other places on campus that I enjoy a ton are Novack Cafe and Cafe Baker. Personally, Novack Cafe is typically really busy and the line can get really long. My advice would be to not go to Novack during their peak hours like immediately after classes. Also, Cafe Baker is a nice coffee shop, their lines aren't as long. I love their waffles, blueberry muffins, and ham + cheese croissants (they're from King Arthur). 

If you happen to live in the River Cluster or are near Dartmouth Engineering, I highly recommend The Fern. Personally, their lattes are the best on campus and their sandwiches are top-tier. I haven't had the chance to visit The Fern this term because of the treacherous winter journey and I don't have any classes at Irving. However, it is a really nice place to catch up with friends, eat acai bowls, and do some work. 

Altogether, I hope my blog post provided some context on the food options here on campus and the many different cafes that you can go to. I look forward to writing more about any life updates next and reflections. Until next week! :)

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