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A photo of the sunset over the Connecticut River

As I mentioned at the beginning of the term, some of my favorite blog posts to write are these reflections! Here's a look back at what I expected for this term, and how it compared to my actual experiences. 


My plan to major in Classical Studies was reinforced by my classes this term. I took Latin 3 and Classics 10.15 (Gender and Sexuality in Ancient Greece), which were incredibly interesting. I enjoyed my Classics course because it provided me with a new perspective on ancient Greek history and challenged me to think critically about ancient sources. For my final project in Classics 10.15, I created a poetry collection that reinvented ancient female characters for a modern audience. It was my favorite assignment at Dartmouth so far, and an accomplishment that I am proud of!


I accomplished my goal of trying out new clubs this term, and attended the first meetings of a few different organizations! After some reflection, my main extracurricular focus this term was focusing on the activities that I enjoy the most and getting more involved in them. I took a step up at The Dartmouth by becoming an associate editor and joined the Dartmouth Law Journal. 

In my 24S preview, I also mentioned playing tennis and pickleball. Although I did not play either of these sports formally, I did hit the courts a few times with my friends! As someone who played tennis in high school, I had a great time getting back into the swing of things; I appreciated that all of the equipment I needed was available to rent for free at the front desk of the Alumni Gym!


I mentioned my goal to get back into the Dartmouth Outing Club this term, and I definitely succeeded on that front! I went on a sunrike (sunrise hike) and countless canoeing trips. I talked about the Ledyard Canoe Club in a few of my blog posts this term, and that's because I have been enjoying the community the club has provided me with! I plan to become a leader (someone who can plan my own trips) in 24F, and I'll be sure to take you along on that journey with me. In the meantime, you can read about my experience paddling during the eclipse or attending Ledyard feedsIn addition to the DOC, I spent lots of time studying and hanging out with my friends outdoors. I went on multiple Woccoms (walks around Occom Pond) each week, tried to eat outside as often as I could, and took a few naps on the Green!


Unfortunately, I was feeling a bit under the weather during Green Key weekend. I still made it to the main concert though, and I had a great time watching Shaggy's performance. And just like 24W, I developed a few traditions with my closest friends such as playing Among Us on Monday nights, meeting for daily breakfasts at FoCo (the Class of 1953 Commons, our dining hall), and watching movies while doing homework.

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