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I am writing this blog post as I finish up my fall term as a sophomore. I would like to utilize this blog post as a source of reflection on the entirety of this term. Firstly, this term was filled with a lot of experiences and lessons. I am really grateful for the people I met, the classes that I took, and the memories I made. 

I would say that my favorite class this term was ECON 22: Macroeconomics. Professor Rose was very kind and cared a lot about everyone's personal growth throughout the entire term. The material was wonderful because everything we learned related to real-world case studies. I gained vivid insight into the aggregate economy and learned about the many intricacies of monetary policy in the U.S. and the current state of the labor market. This class has to be the most eye-opening and fascinating course I have ever taken!

Moreover, I am happy that I branched out and explored new groups on campus. I joined SINC which is known as The Social Impact Nonprofit Consulting (SINC) group at Dartmouth. I have gained a ton of knowledge and experience in developing slide decks and coming up with solutions that will better our greater Upper Valley community. I will make sure to write more about our work in the winter term when we embark on our client projects!

This term was awesome and I am looking forward to the winter term. My advice for future classes is to live in the moment and appreciate everything in your life. College is a bit tough, but you will go through it and learn so much. This is a time in your life where you are growing into yourself, so give yourself grace and leap into the unknown! Until next week! :)

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