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Dartmouth Center for Social Impact South Fairbanks' Building

The Dartmouth Center for Social Impact is where "passion becomes action." Dartmouth's Center for Social Impact is a community continuing to grow, and I am incredibly happy to have joined them through different programs and initiatives. Their support and resources are amazing for students that are looking for ways to participate and give back to the Upper Valley. There are so many different programs offered at several different stages of people's lives which enable students to take the opportunity to try something new! Here are a few programs:

There is the Foundations in Social Impact program which is designed for first-year students to create skills through a real-world, non-profit consulting program. The program enables students to reflect on what it means to be involved in social impact work and then places students into groups that are asked to complete certain deliverables. During my freshman year, the Norris Cotton Cancer Center wanted our cohort to create deliverables that served to increase awareness about cancer screening and smoking. It was my first exposure to DCSI and an experience that taught me a lot about non-profit consulting, teamwork, and the greater Dartmouth community. 

Moreover, one of the summer programs I hope to participate in is the Matariki Global Impact Summit, which is a newer program. The goal of the program is to unite different members of the Dartmouth community such as students, alumni, and professors that believe in collective action and social impact work. It is a two-day program where students are transported to Moosilauke Ravine Lodge (Moosilauke is a lodge owned by Dartmouth where students, families, travelers, and others can be accommodated and enjoy a meal with a scenic view). Several activities are held throughout the day as the community examines what it means to be a global citizen. 

There are also ways to be informally involved with DCSI. For instance, there are courses called "Social Impact Practicums (SIPs)" which are project-based experiential learning opportunities for Dartmouth students to take their course teachings and apply them to issues in the Upper Valley. DCSI has an existing database where students can see what courses are being offered each term and learn more about them. The classes are cross-listed with a variety of departments like Spanish, Anthropology, Studio Art, Psychological & Brain Sciences, Classics, Engineering, and so much more!

Lastly, the opportunity to engage with DCSI also exists post-grad! Bridges to Impact exists for recent grads in Boston, NYC, and DC that are working, volunteering, or studying in social-impact-related fields. It is a great opportunity to be mentored by Dartmouth alumni, expand your network, and attend workshops and events that are catered towards people in social-impact careers. I really love how through this program, DCSI ensures that students also feel supported after they graduate, and have people they can connect to after moving into a new city. 

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