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Have you received funding from Dartmouth for research, a project, or a trip? If so, how did you find that funding and what did it enable you to do? 

A: Gabe Gilbert '23

During my second off-term, I was able to secure funding from Undergraduate Advising and Research (UGAR) for research in the Department of Native American and Indigenous Studies (NAIS). Let me tell you how!

During my sophomore winter term, I had the privilege of taking a class taught by Professor N. Bruce Duthu. During this class, I was able to develop a relationship over discussions about my research and ideas for my final paper. After the class concluded, I contacted Professor Duthu about working on a research project during my offterm. With him, I was able to draft a research proposal to submit to UGAR explaining specifically how I was going to structure my research, what resources I would utilize, and to provide context for my research and its significance to both scholars and non-scholars. All of the conversations I'd had beforehand discussing my topic matter and asking for additional resources prior to the application's submission came together in a really beautiful way to allow me to pursue a project with full funding. I plan on integrating the results of my research with a thesis I hope to write before graduation.

Today, UGAR still has several programs including some that function just like mine! At the beginning of your sophomore year, you're eligible to apply to an Undergraduate Research Assistantship at Dartmouth (URAD) to get funding to work along a professor of your choosing. This is just one of many programs that allow you to get directly involved with research. To prepare your application, it is so, so helpful to connect with professors, to cultivate relationships with other researchers, and to be curious! You never know what might help launch you into a new project, either inside or outside of class. 

I can't suggest checking UGAR for opportunities and experiences that will give you resources and funding to pursue research. Dartmouth is all about giving you as many avenues as possible to do research, and UGAR is a big part of that. I hope this helps!

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