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Standing in front of Baker for yet another "first day of school" picture, I'm reminded of how I've changed since freshman year. At the time, I was extremely worried about choosing a major, and I didn't know what I was passionate about. 

Some three years later, I'm more confident in who I am and where I'm headed, and wanted to share some exciting life updates with you. This term, I'm really proud to be one of the Co-Presidents of Women in Business (WIB), one of Dartmouth's largest pre-professional organizations on campus. I've been involved in WIB since my freshman year, and I'm passionate about mentorship and helping other women break into the industry. I'm also looking forward to my junior summer internship at a consulting firm in Boston. I recruited for this position over a year ago, so I'm eager to meet my team and to explore the city with my roommate from UPenn. 

When I return to Dartmouth for my senior fall, I will be the Undergraduate Advisor (UGA) for the Chinese Language House. I've been deeply involved in this community for over two years, and hope to facilitate a welcoming environment for new Chinese learners and incoming 27's. Dartmouth students typically have a five-week break in between fall and winter term, but I'll be participating in Dartmouth's Vietnam winterim study abroad program. Although the primary purpose of the program is to conduct anthropological research, I plan to reconnect with my ancestral roots by visiting my family's orange tree farm in Ho Chi Minh City. I'll round out my winterim by travelling in the region for two weeks. Fingers crossed that I can schedule some sightseeing in Japan and South Korea before beginning a three-month study abroad program in Taiwan at National Taiwan University (NTU)!

I chose to study abroad separately and not participate in Dartmouth's Taiwan study abroad program hosted in the fall. This is because I've already completed the Chinese major and every single language class offered. Still, my self-directed study abroad wouldn't have been possible without the strong foundation from my Dartmouth classes (thank you Zhang Laoshi) and the flexibility of Dartmouth's curriculum. In a full circle, I'll return for my last spring in Hanover, where I'll take the last economics class for my major, study for the GRE, and wait to hear back from fellowship and post-graduate opportunities. 

To write this blog, I dug back to find my first picture in front of Baker, right after matriculation. Although I may look the same, I'm reminded of how my personal growth has been deeply shaped by my time tucked away in Hanover.

Diana's first picture in front of Baker, right after matriculation.
Just matriculated!

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