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What are some out-of-state tips? Anything to know about moving in, weather, etc?

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Coming from Pennsylvania, my experiences moving into Dartmouth differed greatly from my friends who are from places like Arizona, British Columbia, or California. However, there are a bunch of different tips that still apply to everyone!

What you want to bring with you to move in differs in each term you are in. For example, during the Fall term, you have a mix of pretty warm days in which you could be fine with a t-shirt and shorts, and days in which there is snow on the ground. You would want to bring a variety of shorts, pants, long shirts, t-shirts, and a light coat of some sort. If you don't like the cold, having some gloves and a cap would also be good! When you think of what to bring as well, you might want to consider getting a bike. For first-year students, you cannot have cars on-campus. However, Dartmouth is really bikeable, so having a bike can help you explore the area and get to and from different parts of campus quickly.

In the winter, Hanover definitely gets its fair share of single-digit days! As a Pennsylvanian, I have experienced cold before, but even I wasn't ready for the New Hampshire winters (so people from places with warmer climates, be prepared). There are two main things I recommend immensely: a good heavy coat to keep you warm, and a good pair of winter boots to tread through the thick snow. Interestingly enough, at the end of winter term, it does start to get warm, to the point where I could wear shorts on some days. However, as it gets warm, the snow melts, which leads to a bunch of mud. Waterproof shoes would definitely be recommended!

I haven't experienced spring yet, but from what I can tell, it is still cold and muddy for parts of the term. You might want to hang on to your coats and boots, but shorts can definitely be worn.

A couple of other things I would bring would be a water filtration system and/or a drink maker like a Keurig. Having a way to make tea when I was far from FOCO was definitely a plus! Other things in my dorm from home included cleaning supplies, hangers, and an alarm clock.

Finally, if you have a roommate, coordinate what you might want to bring in your room! My roommate had Celiac disease, so having separate mini-fridges was necessary to prevent cross-contamination. Coordinating with your roommate can help prevent overpacking things you don't need!

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