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How can I do research on the social sciences?

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I wasn't expecting to do research when started at Dartmouth.

I knew that it was a big aspect of the College, but it wasn't at the top of my list of priorities. However, during the spring, I saw research as a potential venture I could do over the summer. I have to say, the entire process of starting on research is pretty simple! For me, I started my search on the Undergraduate Advising and Research (UGAR) website. The website is supported by the Dean of Faculty office and has a bunch of resources regarding research, advising, grants, and more. One of those resources was an entire database of professors who were looking for student help on research projects! There were different filters you could put to find projects in specific subject areas, such as social sciences. There is where I found out that a professor in the history department was looking for help on a research project looking at the politics surrounding the Civil War and its aftermath. After finding that project, I reached out to the professor through email and expressed my interest in his work. I then completed a relatively short application with a few essay questions for the Sophomore Research Scholars program, which was the specific research program I was working through. I found out a couple of weeks later that I was accepted into the program, and I started my research a couple of weeks after that!

And that's it! I am currently looking at the 1882 Georgia gubernatorial election through the eyes of newspapers and personal letters from various actors in this race. I would highly recommend doing research during your time at Dartmouth. There are plenty of opportunities to do so here!

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