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I guess this is becoming a series! As I am over halfway through my senior fall term, I have been trying to do many iconic Dartmouth traditions. A little bit ago, I did the Lou's Challenge, which you can read about here. In this post, I wanted to write about my experience hiking a well-known mountain, Gile Mountain!

In the fall, Gile is known to Dartmouth students as an amazing place to see the fall foliage. One Sunday afternoon, as I was getting ready to do work, some of my friends invited me to hike with them up Gile, it took a little convincing, but I knew this would be one of the best times to hike it. It isn't that much of a hike, and the entire trip including driving there and back would be about an hour tops. 

Guys on Gile
Just some pals on Gile!

The hike was easy, with us taking time to take pictures as we walked up the mountain. We passed multiple other people who were hiking Gile, and it was an overall happy experience. And when we got to the top, we got to see an amazing sunset, along with the beautiful New England foliage.

However, that was not my only experience hiking Gile. Later on in the term, a couple of the guys in Aquinas House, the Catholic student center on campus, wanted to do a night hike up Gile. So we once again trekked up the mountain with pizza, a blanket, and excitement! We were able to see the stars, as well as Dartmouth College from where we were. It was a very calming and peaceful experience, and it was fun to hike up Gile again and such a random time.

Happy Faces in the Dark!
Happy Faces in the Dark on Gile!

Overall, hiking Gile is something every student should do at least once in their here, especially when there is peak fall foliage. It is something you won't forget!

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