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I am writing this blog post as I enter the final week of my internship at Breakthrough SJC. Altogether, I am very lucky to have learned so much from this opportunity and am very excited to embark on my second year at the College. As the summer program is concluding, I wanted to reflect on my experience from the summer program. I met so many kind, amazing, and bright students at Breakthrough. I consider myself very lucky and fortunate to have served as a teaching fellow and mentor to my students. As the summer program concludes, I will bring the experiences and perspectives learned with me as I return to Dartmouth.

I want to utilize this blog post as a space to offer tips and advice to '26s, as they embark on their transition into their first year. Firstly, welcome to the woods! My biggest advice is to live in the moment and to cherish every day. The terms and seasons go by very quickly, so make sure to not fall behind on your commitments. Also, make sure to reach out to your professors—they're amazing and kind people that want you to succeed. In addition, take advantage of teaching assistants, office hours, and the many resources and opportunities offered here at Dartmouth.

As I reflect on my first year, I took the time to take classes that I genuinely was interested in and made sure to immerse myself in the material. Don't worry a ton about your distributive and world culture requirements in your first year; they will be completed as you take your courses throughout the years. You will be assigned a Dean and a pre-major advisor. Make sure to utilize friends that took those courses previously and gain their insight and experiences from those classes. Thank you for reading this blog post, and I will see you all next week!

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