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I am writing this blog post as I finish up the first week of my fall term. I want to use this blog post to reflect on the busy start of my term. Firstly, I arrived at the College on Sunday at approximately 2 am. It was a long day given that I traveled all the way from Southern California to Boston and then took the Dartmouth Coach to the College. Personally, it was very difficult to carry my suitcases up four flights of stairs. However, my friends were waiting for me in front of the Hopkins Center (where the Coach drops students off) and helped me move my two humongous suitcases to North Mass. 

The next day was very busy because I had to carry all of my items from storage and move them into my new dorm room. I was very stressed out because there was a lot to carry. However, I received support from a friend that I met in my Introductory to Sociology course and another friend that I met last fall while waiting for my coffee from Novack Cafe. The reason why I want to write about them is because of their kindness and genuineness. I am forever grateful for the people that I have met at Dartmouth during my first year and their willingness to help me when I was struggling with this new shift in my academic journey.

Moreover, I want to talk about the amazing professors that I met during my first year at the College and the continuation of my relationships with them. I utilized my first week to catch up with my Economics 1 Professor and talk to her about my summer adventures and my future academic goals after my undergraduate education. In addition, I love all the courses that I am taking this term. I will make sure to write in more detail about the lessons learned in my classes in the near future. Thank you so much for reading my first blog post of the fall term and I am very excited to write more about my sophomore year!

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