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FOCO Cookies

If I had the time and resources, I would write an entire novel on this topic. Sadly, I am limited to three hundred words—three hundred words to address one of the most important questions a prospective student needs answered prior to embarking on the rocky journey that can be the college application process. I'll do my best, but recommend that you seek the experience of munching on the most exquisite dessert in the history of the higher-education system in the United States. I'll give my answer as a short story: The Dish Drop.

The Dish Drop

It is noon on a chilly fall day. You had your morning classes and met up with your friends for lunch at '53 Commons (our main dining hall, aka FOCO). The food today is good, but nothing special, so you decide to fix yourself a nice salad with chicken. The freshman 15 are scary, so you try to avoid them as best you can. You sit down to eat with your friends for a while, chatting, distracting yourself from the thought of schoolwork.

Soon enough, it's time to go. You grab your things, pile up the plates and leftovers, and head to the dish drop. On your way there, something catches your eye—it's a fresh batch of soft, chewy, savory, FOCO cookies. They lay under a heat lamp that not only keeps them warm, but illuminates them for all passersby to admire. 

You resist the urge, and march on to the dish drop. But as you exit the aisle of said dish drop, you look back. You can't help yourself. "I'm getting a cookie," you tell your friends—who follow along without a second thought. You gave in and took not one but three FOCO cookies. Yet, you have no regrets. You feel not guilt, but happiness.

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