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This winter, I am working as a Collis Community Ambassador.

So, what does an Ambassador do? For starters, the position was created this term to help open up spaces on campus that were shut down at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, it was not possible to reopen these buildings in the fall due to restrictions. But thanks to increased surveillance testing, things are different this term.

The buildings opening this term include the Collis Center, where you can play pool, study, and get the best pasta on campus; the Hop, a place for the artsy students and anyone looking to study with a clear view of the Green; and the Kemeny/Haldeman Centers, where you can find plenty of quiet places to study. 

With all of these places opening, you need someone to watch over them—that's where Ambassadors come in. We're in charge of making sure that when people come into the building, they are wearing masks and following all COVID-19 regulations. We also make sure that signs are placed throughout the buildings to let people know what they can do in a certain area, like eating (or playing pool at Collis). Thankfully, students on campus are doing a great job following public health guidance, and I've never seen anyone come in maskless or breaking rules. In fact, people are being so great that we decided to hand out candy to say thanks!

Since this is a new role, the Collis staff is still working out the details about the position. Every week, we have whole-group meetings with every ambassador and our managers, where we talk about what's gone well and what needs improvement. I think this is super important and shows that Collis genuinely cares about student workers and the safety of the community. Plus, the last few meetings we have talked about going ice skating and sledding as a team-bonding activity. I've yet to ice skate this term, so I'll make sure to keep you updated.

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