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Bernie Sanders

With the primary elections around the corner, it's an exciting time to be at Dartmouth.

This fall, Bernie Sanders made a pit stop at Dartmouth as he made his way down the campaign trail in the Northeast. The rally was sponsored and organized by the Dartmouth Democrats, as well as his staff, and was held at our outdoor amphitheater, BEMA. In short, it was great.

A few friends and I attended the rally. We wanted to be near the front, so we decided to head down early to beat the line. The volunteers handed out signs, stickers, and sign-up forms to help with the campaign. They were also giving free t-shirts to anyone that donated $27 to the campaign.

Before the rally officially began, a local singer performed a short set before introducing the first of three student speakers. Fun fact: one of the speakers was a '23 (freshman) who became involved with the Dartmouth Democrats early in the year. Then, it was finally time for Sanders to take the stage. He laid out his platform, threw in some jokes, and invited us all to become involved in the political process. It was awesome.

The Dartmouth Democrats are only one of the many political groups on campus. If you are interested in the GOP, you can easily be involved with the Dartmouth Republicans. They, too, bring speakers in during the term. Some of their visitors include Herman Cain and Bill Weld, who will also be on campus this term. If politics is your thing, there are endless opportunities to engage with big-name figures at Dartmouth.

To be honest, I am not a huge fan of politics. I'll keep up with the news to stay in the loop, but things can get a little too messy for me. Still, I think it's exciting to see the man that could be the next President of the United States on campus — and Bernie is not the only one! Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Andrew Yang, to name a few, have visited campus in the past year. And if they can't come to campus because of their rigid schedules, candidates usually campaign nearby. New Hampshire is a key location during the presidential primaries, so campaign events off campus might actually be only a short bus ride away. 

The presidential primaries are well on their way, and there are many more exciting events to come. So, if you are interested in politics and want to witness history from the front row, Dartmouth is the place for you.

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