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Housing Logos

If you've ever read Harry Potter, you know all about Hogwarts' housing system. Dartmouth's is very similar! The student body is divided into six houses: Allen House, East Wheelock House, North Park House, School House, South House, and West House.

Each house has a number of bonding activities throughout the year, from weekly dinners to out-of-state ski trips. Dartmouth students are busy, so everything is 100% optional. However, these activities are great opportunities to meet new people and take a step back from your day-to-day schedule. 

Sadly, Dartmouth does not have a sorting hat. Every student is randomly assigned a house at the start of their time at Dartmouth. You stay in your house for all four years, and live in your house's assigned dormitories throughout campus. First-year students are generally housed together in the same cluster of buildings to encourage community-building, while upperclassmen are more spread out and get more freedom when choosing their dormitories. Plus, each house has designated House Centers. Think of these as large living rooms where students can study, hangout, and attend house events.

Another important aspect of the housing system is the leadership. Each house is co-lead by an Assistant Director (AD) and a House Professor, both of whom live nearby and are resources available to every student in the house community.  They organize the majority of events, and supervise two teams: one of graduate students, known as Resident Fellows (RFs); and one composed of undergraduate students, known as Undergraduate Advisors (UGAs). RFs and UGAs work directly with students. They live in the same dormitories, and are trained on a variety of topics to help students in the house succeed academically, socially, and emotionally during their time at Dartmouth. Anyone can apply for these positions. And as a previous UGA myself, I highly recommend it!

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