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A Dartmouth '24

Sept. 20, 2020: 1.5 Weeks Since My Arrival

Hello everyone! This is so exciting! My name is Griselda Chavez (she/her) and I am from Los Angeles, CA—well, the suburbs. I am a '24, meaning I am a freshman, and am writing my first blog post out of (hopefully) many. This new stage in my life is completely hectic and amazing, so feel free to tag along through my posts and learn more about me and Dartmouth! 

Here are a couple of things about me that I didn't add in my bio (above this post) or that I would like to reiterate. I am currently interested in majoring in Environmental Studies with a minor in Public Policy; however, a lot can change throughout the next couple of years. Through the short time I have explored the departments, I have gained an interest in LALACS (Latin American, Latino, and Caribbean Studies), education, government, sociology and history! There are a lot more opportunities than I had originally thought, meaning I am going to be spending a lot more time reflecting on myself. 

Choosing Dartmouth was extremely difficult for me. I am a first-generation Mexican-American and a first-generation, low-income student who is the eldest sister and a recent dog owner, so moving to Dartmouth was a really big change. Why did I make this decision? Academic opportunities! (Also, I've always wanted to experience a small-town-Gilmore Girls-community.) It was definitely not easy and you, prospective students, may have to make this tough choice in the future. Remember--it is okay to want to step out of your comfort zone. To any students that are hesitant to apply because they don't see themselves moving away from home: Apply! You never know what can happen and how your opinions may change. 

Saying Goodbye
This is my sister (right) and I, moments before I traveled by myself to Dartmouth. javascript:void(0)

When applying to Dartmouth, I kept thinking about how I didn't fit the "typical Dartmouth student" mold. I'm not very outdoorsy as I didn't have the opportunity to engage much with nature in my hometown. I can't even swim and I would rather admire than engage with nature :) In addition, I had heard about the huge Greek life presence on campus, and as someone who envisions herself being unaffiliated, it was intimidating! In the end, the conversations I had with numerous upperclassmen explaining there is no mold left me feeling encouraged to pursue my education here. I hope my blogs can do the same for you!

Peace & Calm
Our assignment for "Marine Policy" was to observe bodies of water in our communities and connect our observations to what we have learned in class.

To end this post, I would like to share one of my favorite highlights of this week. I took a walk along the Connecticut River for a class I am taking, "Marine Policy," and used this opportunity to appreciate nature and admire Hanover's beauty. I have never felt so calm and peaceful—it was absolutely beautiful!

Thanks for staying tuned!


Griselda Chavez

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