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Dartmouth seems like a pretty small school. How do you meet new people?

A: Gabe Gilbert '23

The first thing I realized is that Dartmouth is simultaneously intimate and yet big enough to meet new people everyday.

This is a hard reality to convey by description alone, but to answer, I think I should probably provide a little snippet into my own Dartmouth experience. For the first few weeks after my arrival on campus, I was meeting several new people everyday, and the first people I met during Orientation Week remain some of my closest friends. That being said, I spent a little over twenty weeks combined between my first fall and winter terms. 

I was meeting someone new almost everyday, if not multiple people, but at the same time if I hadn't seen a few of my friends in a little while, I could walk around knowing I would see them eventually. If I hadn't seen my favorite floormates or my classmates from last term in a hot minute, I would eventually see them on the Green or in passing at the library almost consistently. 

It's one of the cool Dartmouth quirks that you need not feel trapped by the same people and yet also have the benefit of seeing them on an organically regular basis. It's made for some fun chance meetings in the Novack line or in the Class of 1953 Commons (FoCo) light side (the best side, or where the windows give you your favorite flavor of Vitamin D for free while you're eating a made-to-order omelette). 

That being said, meeting new people is extremely easy just by the virtue of Dartmouth's community. You will meet so many people during the first few weeks of school because everyone will be exactly like you: we all want to make friends and the college spirit makes it easy. Afterwards, though, your friends will always be introducing you to new people, and even without trying too hard, you'll be meeting new people all the time. Going to a club meeting or participating in an intramural sport will instantly make you several new friends, and it never stops, because Dartmouth is big enough that you'll almost never know your entire class.

I hope this helps you realize that socializing at Dartmouth is somewhere of a perfect balance — you'll never really feel trapped and you'll never stop meeting new, incredible people. 

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